Founded in 2002, Guitar Intensives is dedicated to providing an opportunity for hobbyists and professionals to share their passion for acoustic music.  While our program provided guitar instruction only at the outset, we expanded our offerings to include instruction on an array of instruments.

Our instructors are not only world-class players and/or performers, they are talented teachers genuinely dedicated to supporting each student’s growth.

With enrollment of 20-30 students, participants have an exceptional  opportunity to hone skills needed to reach their own next level, and to develop a roadmap for subsequent studies at home.  

But our students leave with much more.  This total immersion, and the opportunities to interact with like-minded peers and faculty morning to night — whether in class, at jams, concert rehearsals, or just hangin’ — will enrich students in ways that are immeasurable, both musically and personally.

I hope you’ll take time to browse through our site, and contact us.

We’d love to hear from you!  And we’d love for you to join us in Baahh Hahhbah!

Alice Schiller