Guitar Intensives is delighted to welcome back Grammy-winning guitarist Mike Dowling.    He draws inspiration from deep in the musical bag of American roots guitar firmly grounded in authenticity and possessed of a musical soul as old as the vintage music he favors. Fluent in several styles and difficult to pigeonhole, Mike has captured the hearts of acoustic music fans throughout the world with his engaging voice, self-deprecating wit, and elegant interpretations of an arsenal of old blues, swing, ragtime, and original compositions

“I don’t play guitar when Dowling’s in the band. You don’t take the game warden fishing” — Jethro Burns


ANDRA FAYE (photo coming)

It’s no wonder that Andra Faye is an inspiration to so many!  A versatile multi-insumentalist, she plays mandolin, fiddle, bass and guitar — all of which she plays  in Sapphire — Uppity Blues Woman.   As if that were not enough, Andra is a powerful vocalist.  We look forward to welcoming her to Guitar Intensives where she will teach Mandolin, Fiddle, Vocals and Harmony, and Band Labs.


ROLLY BROWN (photo coming!) 

A lifelong student of the guitar, Rolly Brown has been a National Fingerpicking Champion (1980), a Philadelphia Music Award nominee, a solo performer, teacher, and sideman for many well-known artists. Over the past 50 years, folk, blues, ragtime, bluegrass, country, & jazz have each been his passions. Acoustic Guitar magazine calls Rolly’s guitar sound “an exceptionally melodic, articulate playing style that takes full advantage of the acoustic guitar’s beautiful tone.” Wise sage Bennett Hammond says, “He’s the real deal, the gen-you-wine article, the guitar picker’s guitar picker.” Blues master Andy Cohen (who IS prone to hyperbole) told Rolly, “Dammit, you are the best that ever was. You may quote me.” In addition to several solo CDs, Rolly has 11 instructional DVD's available through Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop at guitarvideos.com , and many performance and teaching videos viewable o.

SCOTT BALLENTINE (photo & bio coming! )